Ubiquitous PDF: David Gilmour concert footage in PDF

Editor’s Note:
Since originally posting this article, it has come to Planet PDF’s attention that these interactive PDF files were created by Harry Hemus of Dividi Projects as an exercise in Acrobat 9 techniques. Dividi is a digital media authoring and project management company that does some very cool things with PDF, so check out the web site for other examples of interactive PDF documents.

Are you a David Gilmour or Pink Floyd fan? If so, you might be interested in visiting Gilmour’s official website and downloading a very special PDF document.

Footage from Gilmour’s Gdansk concert has been made available for download in three versions:

  • MP3: High-quality audio only.
  • Interactive PDF: Includes embedded video, MP3, photo gallery and lyrics.
  • Interactive PDF (lite): Includes streaming video, MP3, photo gallery and lyrics. This file is essentially the same as the other interactive PDF file, except that the video is not embedded. This means that the file is smaller to enable faster download, but watching the video requires a live internet connection.

To download your very own copy of Gilmour’s ‘A Great Day for Freedom,’ recorded live in Gdansk, visit his official website.

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