Ubiquitous PDF: Complaint letters made easy!

Ever wanted to write a letter of complaint but weren’t sure where to start? Consumer advocacy group PissedConsumer.com has launched a new free online tool enabling consumers to generate effective complaint letters pre-formatted for distribution. According to the press release, this free service is designed to help consumers bring their disputes to faster resolution.

The complaint letter generator is designed assist visitors in crafting effective consumer complaint letters. The tool’s review capturing mechanism also allows users to generate a copy of their complaint in PDF format. Regardless, the letters are intended to be mailed out in order to initiate actions toward the complaint’s resolution.

‘Consumers can sometimes feel that they have no leg to stand on when they feel cheated or betrayed by a company,’ says Michael Podolsky of PissedConsumer.com. ‘Often, single complaints go unanswered and ignored, and pursuing the matter through legal channels is simply too costly for your average consumer. Complaint letters still have the power to effectively bring a resolution to the problem, if they’re written in a serious and professional manner detailing the precise problem and exactly what the consumer would like the company to do to rectify the situation, rather than simply exchanging heated words. Our free tool aims to help consumers achieve exactly that; a successful resolution to their complaints.’

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