Ubiquitious PDF Tools: Issuu

The latest in publishing capabilities for folks who are creative and want an easy way to create an online publication comes from the fantastic people at Issuu.

With Issuu users can create an online magazine, catalog, document all from an existing PDF file. Not only is the publication online but it joins what Issuu terms ‘an online living library’ where users can comment, share and post publications in Facebook, MySpace, Blogger and LiveJournal.

You can upload a PDF for free at the site and the ‘one click viral service’ the company touts is .

Users can also follow the company’s happenings through its Twitter profile. Issuu has a blog as well.

Users can even embed publications with Issuu’s non-branded standalone viewer or as a small preview. You can also easily send your publication out to others with one-click functionality online.

I loved reading through the comics online, but you might want to check out some other offerings as well. It’s truly a cool beta tool sure to expand!

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