Ubiquitious PDF: Skim and PointClips

According to this link, ubiquitous can actually be defined as ‘Being or seeming to be everywhere at the same time; omnipresent.’

In keeping with the tradition of Dan’s definition of ubiquitous, which relates to tools and implementations based around the ubiquitous PDF format, I’m going to share two ‘ubiquitous’ tools. Skim is for PDF users and PointClips is for PowerPoint aficionados who are really tired of yawns during their presentations and pointed harrumphs after unengaging keynotes.

The first tool is for Mac OS X devotees and you know who you are! This tool is so new it doesn’t even have a 1.0 version assignation yet, it’s only at 0.9.1, but surprisingly the tool has already received 1003 downloads in just one short week.

So what does Skim 0.9.1 do? It’s a PDF reader and note-taker for OS X platforms targeted at studious scientists and probably late night college youth who want to more quickly read and annotate scientific papers in PDF. And it’s free!

You can also read non-scientific papers with Skim as well. The tool boasts a magnification tool, AppleScript support, preview of internal links and they’ve corrected a crasher in the skim notes window in this less than 1.0 version. Here’s the link to the tool.

Now let’s move to the really cool PowerPoint ‘pizazz’ images. Wake up, this is the start of the presentation!

PointClips, features a bevy of outstanding PowerPoint icons and clip art, that will most assuredly lighten up your ‘dazed and confused’ audiences and comes to Planet PDF readers all the way from Austin, TX’s graphic design and creative marketing firm, Koke Creative.

All the PowerPoint icons and clip art are built entirely in PowerPoint for superb compatibility with any sales collateral, technical decks or hereto with uninspiring keynotes.

If you want to see tons of different sets they’ve created, go to the packages link, and don’t miss the full display of People @ Work. My fave on that particular page is Business Person #2. Packages start at $99 and the cool thing is you can buy a single person, object or tractor for only $5 a piece.

PointClips lets you download five for free, but the catch is you have to give them your email. But go ahead…I dare you to make your PowerPoint presentations actually engaging!

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