Translia can now translate PDF documents

Translia, a provider of online translation services, has announced that now it supports the translation of PDF and image documents. The new PDF and image translation services will enable Translia to extend and improve its online offerings. Translia supports a number of document types, including DOC, DOCX, PPT and TXT.

Translia provides translation services, with output ready within 24 hours. Users can upload documents for translation, receive an immediate quote, place an order for translation and download the translated document. Translia covers 98 different languages.

Translia has now enhanced its patent-pending collaborative translation system to support the translation of PDF and image files. Earlier, Translia faced challenges in translating PDF and image files because of the lack of ‘editable text’ in such files. However, Translia will now charge 10% more for translating PDF and image files as compared to prices for other document types.

Learn more about Translia’s online translation services at Translia website.

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