Top 25 Acrobat/PDF products for 2003 at PDF Store

We tabulate the Top 10 best-selling products at PDF Store ( each month in part to help identify some of the popular Adobe Acrobat plug-ins, products and tools people appear to be using. It also offers a degree of insight into common types of PDF usage, suggesting for which niche applications people seek enhanced features beyond Acrobat’s available toolset.

At year’s end, we’ve expanded the list to highlight the 25 top-selling products offered in the PDF Store — based on purchases made and fulfilled online during 2003 — as follows:

  1. ARTS Split & Merge (ARTS PDF) – Windows & Macintosh

    The easiest way to split and merge PDFs! It provides a simpler method of splitting and merging your PDFs.

  2. ARTS PDF Stamper (ARTS PDF) – Windows

    A flexible stamping tool for Adobe Acrobat. Apply any combination of text, image and action stamps to one or more PDF files.

  3. DocuCom PDF Driver (Zeon Corporation) – Windows

    A stable and powerful PDF creator for PDF users, it allows you to print from any Windows Application.

  4. PDF Snake (Rennie Glen Software) – Windows

    Imposes (n-up), stamps watermarks, makes booklets, splits pages,and adds bates numbers. 30-day unlimited free trial.

  5. Amyuni PDF Converter (Amyuni Consultants) – Windows

    Enables you to create a PDF document from any application running under Windows.

  6. ARTS Link Checker (ARTS PDF) – Windows & Macintosh

    Automatically scans your PDF documents for dead links.

  7. PDFlib (PDFlib GmbH) – Windows, Macintosh, Unix

    A widely used programming library which allows the programmer to generate PDF and integrate this ability into any application or server environment. PDFlib is available for all major operating environments and development environments.

  8. Quite Imposing (Quite Software) – Windows & Macintosh

    A plug-in for Acrobat to perform imposition. Features include n-up pages, booklet making, adding page numbers.

  9. Jaws PDF Creator (Global Graphics Software) – Windows & Macintosh

    Offers simple, efficient and cost effective PDF creation. Generated PDFs can be used with Acrobat products, or 3rd party PDF tools.

  10. Gemini (Iceni Technology) – Windows

    A multi-format PDF content extraction plug-in for Adobe Acrobat.

  11. ARTS PDF Tools (ARTS PDF) – Windows & Macintosh

    A customizable toolbar for Acrobat 5.0 & 6.0 that comes with more than 70 pre-defined tools, and also allows you to create and share your own.

  12. ARTS PDF Variform (ARTS PDF) – Windows & Macintosh

    Merge Acrobat forms with variable-data delimited text files from spreadsheets etc. with this Acrobat plug-in.

  13. Win2PDF (Dane Prairie Systems) – Windows

    An easy to use and affordable PDF creation tool.

  14. ARTS PDF Bookmarker (ARTS PDF) – Windows & Macintosh

    An Adobe® Acrobat® plug-in that lets you add, edit, build, replace and delete bookmarks across one or more PDF files.

  15. Batch-Print (Actino Software) – Windows

    Simply automates the printing of PDF documents. Select a folder and have it print the files using the selected printing device.

  16. Appligent Stamp PDF (Appligent) – Windows

    Plug-in for stamping text and JPEG images into PDF documents, thanks to it’s easy usage and many options and features.

  17. ARTS Import (ARTS PDF) – Windows

    Lets you convert your BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, RLE and TIF image files to PDF faster than ever before.

  18. Quite A Box Of Tricks (Quite Software) – Windows & Macintosh

    Includes many features, including – conversion to CMYK or greyscale, shrinking images, transformations, and integrating form fields.

  19. AdLib eXpress (AdLib eDocument Solutions) – Windows

    Powerful server application that provides unlimited PDF conversions, merge/split/stitch, stamp, form fill and flatten, scripting and more!

  20. ISICopy (Image Solutions) – Windows

    Lets you edit and reformat text from image-based PDFs with ease.

  21. BCL Jade (BCL Technologies) – Windows

    A plug-in for Acrobat that allows users to accurately extract data from PDF files that would otherwise be unobtainable.

  22. PDFlib + PDI (PDFlib GmbH) – Windows

    A companion to PDFlib and allows you to process existing PDF documents. With PDI you can open PDF files and incorporate one or more pages into PDFlib-generated output. PDFlib+PDI includes all PDFlib functions, plus the PDF Import Library (PDI).

  23. ARTS PDF Workshop (ARTS PDF) – Windows

    Makes managing your PDFs a breeze, allowing you to batch update document information, apply security and set the initial view of PDFs.

  24. easyPDF (BCL Technologies) – Windows

    An easy-to-use PDF Creation Tool, created specifically for those of you who need to produce PDF documents without the hassle of learning complex options.

  25. ARTS PDF Imageworks (ARTS PDF) – Windows & Macintosh

    The first Acrobat-native, image-editing program.

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