TOC: PDF Print Production Guide, 2nd Edition

Browse the Table of Contents for the ‘HREF=’′
TARGET=’_NEW’>PDF Print Production Guide, Second
Edition,’ by Joseph Marin and Julie Shaffer of GATF. The
updated book covers PDF and production workflow solutions,
Acrobat 6, Mac OS X, print-related PDF plug-ins, and an
introduction to PDF forms. You can also download a free
excerpt from Chapter 6 — ‘HREF=’’
TARGET=’_NEW’>In the Trenches‘ [PDF: 949kb], featuring
an illustrated tip on how to change the colors within a

  • Chapter 1: Basics of PDF

    • What Is PDF
    • Why PDF?
    • Meet the Family
    • PDF Structure
    • The RIPing Process
    • PDF Versions
    • PDF and Standards: PDF/X
    • A New Standard: PDF/X
    • Look Inside a PDF File

  • Chapter 2: PDF Creation

    • Creating PDF for Print Production
    • Creating PDF via PostScript
    • Before PDF: File Preparation and Preflight
    • Creating the PostScript File
    • Setting Up Acrobat Distiller:

      • The General Tab
      • Compression Fonts
      • Color Advanced
      • PDF/X

    • Creating PDF Files for Digital Printing
    • Creating PDF Files for Screen (Soft Proofing)
    • Creating PDFs from QuarkXPress 6.0
    • Creating PDFs from Microsoft Office
    • PDF Direct from an Application: PDF Library
    • Creating PDFs from Adobe InDesign CS (3.x)

  • Chapter 3: PDF and Mac OS X

    • Fonts in OS X
    • Printing in Mac OS X
    • Adding Adobe PDF to the Printer List if Deleted
    • Installing PDF Files in OS X
    • Creating a Virtual Printer
    • Saving a Document as PostScript
    • Save As PDF
    • Preview
    • File Naming in OS X
    • Linking File Names to Applications

  • Chapter 4: PDF Production Tools

    • PDF in Prepress
    • Preflighting, Editing, and Output Using Acrobat 6 Pro Tools
    • Acrobat 6 Soft Proofing
    • Acrobat Preflighting Tools
    • Acrobat Editing Tools
    • Third-Party PDF Preflighting and Editing Solutions
    • PDF Trapping Solutions
    • PDF Imposition Solutions
    • Color Separation and Output
    • Standalone Tools for PDF Manipulation

  • Chapter 5: Automating PDF

    • Automating PDF Creation and Editing
    • PDF Creation: Watched Folders / Creating Watched Folders
    • PDF Creation and Error Prevention: Creo Synapse Prepare / PDF Creation and Web-based Delivery
    • Automating PDF Preflighting and Editing

  • Chapter 6: In the Trenches

    • In the Trenches: Working with PDF Files
    • Challenges in PDF for Print Production:

      • Transparency
      • Trapping
      • Layers
      • DCS

    • Common Problems:

      • Problem: Missing Bleeds
      • Problem: Hairline Rules
      • Problem: Spot Color Not Specified CMYK
      • Problem: Missing Spot Color
      • Problem: RGB Text or Graphics (When the Original Was Not RGB)
      • Problem: Font Not Embedded
      • Problem: Converting an Image to a Duotone
      • Problem: Change the Colors within a Duotone
      • Problem: Editing an Entire Paragraph I
      • Problem: Editing an Entire Paragraph II
      • Problem: Editing an Entire Paragraph III
      • Problem: Converting Multiple PostScript Files to a Single PDF Document
      • Problem: Images Draw Slowly in PDF
      • Solution: Creating a PDF/X-1a-compliant PDF File
      • Solution: Create Composite, Trapped PDF files from InDesign CS
      • Solution: Create Traps in a PDF File Using Enfocus PitStop Pro
      • Problem: PDF File from Illustrator Is Wrong Size

  • Chapter 7: PDF Forms

    • Getting Started with Adobe PDF Forms
    • Determining the Data to Be Collected
    • Design the Document

      • Convert the Document to PDF
      • Add Form Fields
      • Adding Form Fields for Name and Address
      • Adding a Form Field for Zip Code
      • Adding a Form Field for States
      • Adding Check Boxes
      • Creating a List Box Field
      • Creating Radio Buttons
      • Adding a Calculation Form Field
      • Submitting a Form
      • Clearing Form Data

  • Chapter 8: References

    • Questions and Answers
    • PDF Resources
    • Common File Extensions
    • Glossary
    • Index

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