This Week in PDF: WWF releases unprintable PDF-based format

This week in PDF has seen the releases of a green PDF-based format and a tool for repairing corrupt PDF documents, along with an update to an Acrobat plug-in for PDF imposition.

First up, the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) has released a sparkling new PDF-based format. The WWF format, as it is known, prides itself on having less functionality than that of a standard PDF. So what makes it different? Users can’t print a WWF document, of course, which is part of the WWF’s conservationist efforts to prevent unnecessary printing. While it is already possible to create a PDF that is not intended for printing, the new WWF format makes this a hard limit. More information on the WWF format can be found on the official WWF website.

In other news, SysTools has recently launched a new tool for repairing PDF documents. The latest application from SysTools Group, entitled SysTools PDF Recovery, allows users to quickly repair and open corrupted PDFs. The company also promises that more software releases are on the horizon. For more on the new product, check out the SysTools PDF Recovery product page.

Finally, Dynagram has updated its inpO2 (in-poe-two) imposition software for Adobe Acrobat with support for the new Enfocus Switch inpO2 configurator, which is now shipping with Switch 09, Update 2. Available immediately, the inpO2 3.6.3 update now allows users to dynamically set the imposition and output settings when submitting a job to the inpO2 Automation application. To read more, visit the official vendor website.

That’s it for this week. Watch this space!

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