This week in PDF: Whitepaper on PDF/VT released

This week in PDF has seen the releases of a whitepaper on the ISO standard for variable data printing and a booklet that explains common PDF issues.

First up, PDF Tools AG has released a whitepaper about PDF/VT, the PDF-based ISO standard for variable data printing. Entitled, surprisingly enough, ‘PDF/VT — The ISO Standard for Variable Data Printing (VDP) Applications’, the whitepaper seeks to purpose and uses of the standard. The company’s own blurb for the paper is as follows:

Printing, packing and franking transaction documents, whether they are essential business documents like delivery notices, invoices and payment reminders or direct marketing letters sent out in sheer endless numbers, is without question a billion dollar market. The high numbers of print jobs and the requirements for short through-put times have not only led to the development of corresponding hardware like high-performance printers. Applications like Variable Data Printing (VDP) have been created in order to significantly cut the cost per printed item. These facts, and the huge demand for a universal and standardized VDP solution, have led to the development of PDF/VT. Promises that were previously projected by VDP visionaries should now be fulfilled with PDF/VT.

You can download the complete version of the whitepaper (in PDF format, of course) from the PDF Tools website.

If you deal with a lot of PDF files, chances are that you’ll have encountered at least a few that, well, weren’t quite right. Alternatively, you may be looking to troubleshoot issues in outgoing PDF documents that you create, such as when a PDF displays inconsistently across different systems. Many problematic PDFs are not ‘malformed’ in the sense Rowan Hanna described a couple of weeks ago, which is a technical issue with the PDF creation process. Instead, it’s likely that the document’s creator ticked the wrong box at some point (it happens to the best of us). In other words, such issues are often due to technique rather than technology. The good news is that, with a little knowledge, it becomes a relatively simple matter to negotiate and even fix such problems. With that in mind, document authors and consumers alike can likely benefit from the free guide released this week by IDRsolutions. The PDF booklet outlines — and offers solutions for — 10 of the most common issues with PDF files, and can be downloaded for free from the IDRsolutions website.

That’s it for this week. Watch this space!

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