This week in PDF: Treats, no tricks

Happy Halloween! Luckily, this week in PDF sees more ‘treat’ than ‘trick’. PDF editing and security is in focus, with software updates from Global Graphics, OneVision and LockLizard.

To kick off on the editing side of things, Global Graphics has this week released its Jaws PDF Suites. Jaws PDF Desktop Suite is designed for single user, small office and enterprise implementations, while Jaws PDF Server Suite targets IT administrators in small-to-medium sized organizations and Jaws PDF Enterprise Suite for IT administrators with 300+ users. The suites variously include Jaws PDF Creator, Jaws PDF Editor and Jaws PDF Server and are intended to reduce the cost and administrative headaches associated with separate licensing schemes, and provide users with a set of tools for PDF creation, assembly, merge, mark-up and form-filling. For more information, check out the Jaws PDF Web site.

OneVision also got into the PDF editing act this week, releasing the latest version of its powerful PDF editing application. Speedflow Edit 4.0 enables full PDF editing of text, images, and vector graphics from a user’s desktop computer. Regardless of the version of the source PDF file, the product can cleanly output PDF 1.2 to 1.6 documents that comply with PDF/X-1a or PDF/X-3 standards. More about Speedflow Edit 4.0 can be found at

Finally, LockLizard has updated its Lizard Safeguard PDF security software, adding functionality and removing the need for Adobe Reader for viewing secure PDF documents. New in version 2.5 is the dynamic application of watermarks on viewing and printing. The software can now be used to display an image, custom text, and system data (date/time, user name and email address) when users print and/or view prepared documents. Other additions are Digital Rights Management (DRM) security controls including those that prevent the action of many third party screen grabbers and print to file/image drivers that enable unauthorized copying of protected documents. Full details are at the vendor Web site.

That’s it for this week! Until next time…

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