This week in PDF: The skinny on PDF services online

This week in PDF sees the launch of a Macintosh-compatible version of an established PDF conversion tool, a handy summary of free PDF services online and updates to a PDF prepress software suite.

First up, Docudesk has released a Mac version of its PDF conversion tool. deskUNPDF for Mac allows users of Intel or PowerPC OS X systems to convert PDF documents into various output formats for editing. The tool also offers batch conversion and table-detection functionality that enables the extraction of table information into Microsoft Excel (.xls).

‘We are very pleased to introduce Macintosh users to the same great features and accuracy found in our Windows version of deskUNPDF Professional,’ said Darren Matheny, CEO of Docudesk. ‘Like PC users before them, Mac users will now find that deskUNPDF brings working with PDFs into a whole new realm that will greatly help businesses and individuals convert PDFs, all while providing the highest fidelity possible for the chosen output format.’

You can read more about the product on the official vendor web site.

Finally, OneVision has updated its PDF prepress software suite. Together, Speedflow Check, Speedflow Edit, Speedflow Impose and Speedflow Cockpit work together to automate and facilitate prepress processes. Speedflow Check and Speedflow Edit include a new transparency-flattening engine and additional JPEG compression options, while the software now supports XMP metadata and the draft version of the PDF/X-4 standard. Additionally, Speedflow Impose now includes automatic checks for marks and labels within the final set trimmed page size. For the first time in the new version, Speedflow’s full automated imposition functionality can be used within Speedflow Cockpit, making it easier to fully control the file imposition process. More information can be found at

That’s it for this week. Watch this space!

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