This week in PDF: Standards and releases? Ides like to see that!

The ides of March bode better for the PDF world than perhaps they once did for Shakespeare’s favorite Julius (Caesar, that is). Standardization and conversion are in the air, with FESPA, Artwork Systems, Bamboo Solutions and CambridgeDocs all in the news this week.

With resect to standardization, Enfocus’s Certified PDF continues to gain momentum as a means by which to administer prepress standards — just this week, FESPA has partnered with Enfocus to launch its own Certified PDF initiative. Enfocus’s Certified PDF technology facilitates quality control in PDF print workflows by embedding and tracking preflight profiles in processed documents. As part of the move, FESPA has posted specific profiles for screen and digital printers to the Enfocus web site.

Neither has Enfocus’s parent company been idle — Artwork Systems will showcase a swag of new solutions at blockbuster printing and graphic arts show, Ipex 2006. Among the goodies it will show are workflow system Odystar 2.5, Packaging:Certified Technology (PA:CT), PDF editing app Neo, screening technology Concentric Screening and WebWay 4.0. More information on the specifics of each product can be found on the Artwork Systems web site.

In other news, Bamboo Solutions has released the first of a promised series of SharePoint business components designed for the conversion of Office documents in to PDF. The Office to PDF Business Component is specifically designed to address the needs of SharePoint users who use the Microsoft Office suite to create their business documents, although it also supports the conversion of various other common formats. The product is currently available from Bamboo’s online store.

Another entry in the conversion stakes include today’s announcement by Boston-based CambridgeDocs Corp. that it has releases v2.01 of its xDoc PDF-XML Converter. The real news, however, is the product’s integration into the company’s xDoc Converter Desktop and Server products, enhancing that platform’s facility for extracting document content as meaningful XML. The extracted content then plays more nicely with many content management systems and other indexing systems than native PDF. For more information, check out the CambridgeDocs web site.

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