This week in PDF: Spring is sprung

Spring is sprung, the grass is riz. … or something like that. Thanks to (I believe it was) Ogden Nash, those words flit through my coffee-and-fatigue-addled mind every year as Spring begins. There’s something about the desolation of Winter giving way to the lush life and activity of Spring that appeals to the optimist in me, making it seem an auspicious time to launch a new endeavor, product or solution.

Speaking of new beginnings, former Time, Inc. production workflow expert Erik Cullins has joined Enfocus as its North American director of sales and distribution. Cullins brings substantial experience in graphic arts production workflow and digital development to the provider of PDF preflight and automation solutions. While at Time, Inc., Cullins was instrumental in its adoption of PDF/X-1a as its standard for ad delivery. Check out the Enfocus web site for more details.

Adolix has released an update to its PDF print driver. Adolix PDF Converter PRO 3.0 allows users to ‘print’ to PDF from most Windows applications, allowing them to apply standard security features or merge multiple documents into a single PDF file. The product is also available in a cut-down ‘Standard’ version, so interested parties can compare the two products side-by-side or download trial versions from

Continuing the theme of new beginnings, callas software announced that it has spun-off a new company to handle its MadeToPrint, MadeToCompare and FontIncluder product series. axaio software’s team comprises the former callas staff members responsible for those tools, sharing office space and a managing director (i.e. Olaf Druemmer) with the older company. Going forward, the streamlined callas software will focus exclusively on its PDF & Acrobat-related products, including pdfCorrect, pdfInspektor3 and pdfImpose.

Optimism abounds, if the latest from the 3,000-pound gorilla of web search is anything to go by. Google has shared more of its bold visions for the future than intended, inadvertently including private presentation notes in the publicly available version of its Analyst Day PowerPoint slides. Aims to have Google considered ‘as ubiquitous as brushing your teeth’ were to be met using plans to expand using social search. The document also included a tantalizing reference to something known as ‘Teragoogle,’ which the note indicated would increase the Google search engine’s ability to index and search web pages. Google has now posted a sanitized PDF version of the presentation, but a copy of the notes from the original document can be found here.

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