This week in PDF: Soft-Proofing Ticket released

This week in PDF has seen a PDF annotation tool received an award and the Ghent PDF Workgroup release a soft-proofing job ticket, while PIA/GATFPress releases the latest edition of its popular PDF guide.

First up, GRAHL Software Design’s PDF Annotator has been awarded second place at the annual presentation of the Epsilon Awards. The now award-winning software can be used to mark up an existing PDF file with comments, corrections, and drawings. Since 2006, the European Software Conference (ESWC) has been presenting the Epsilon Awards to software developers who have created a standalone application for the Windows, MacOS, or Linux platforms and who have made it through a qualifying round to distinguish themselves from the competition in open voting. For more information on the software, check out the product web page.

In other news, the Ghent PDF Workgroup (GWG), has announced the launch of the Soft-Proofing Ticket, an easy way for end-users to have additional, essential information about approval conditions. The GWG Soft-Proofing Ticket uses Adobe XMP specifications to attach information to a PDF file. It provides both an easy-to-understand description about the user as well as accurate details about the viewing conditions in which the document was approved. It contains a list of user names and logins, approval date(s), description of the approval software; and essential detail including monitor serial number and set-up, brightness level, white point values, color temperature and calibration status. The GWG Soft-Proofing Ticket is now available as a free download from the GWG web site.

Finally, PIA/GATFPress has released the third edition of its guide for PDF printing. The new edition of the PDF Print Production Guide emphasizes proven techniques for preparing print-ready PDF files using Creative Suite 3 and Adobe Acrobat 8. This guide shows how files can be restored to their intended state with less reliance on third-party applications. Nevertheless, use of well-known third-party applications are also covered. You can find out more about the book or purchase a copy online from the PIA/GATF web site.

That’s it for this week. Watch this space!

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