This week in PDF: Smart PDF map-creation tool released

This week in PDF has seen the release of a new map-creation tool and updates to an accessibility application and Enfocus’s product range.

First up, TerraGo Technologies has announced the release of Map2PDF Professional for Acrobat at the GITA Conference in Seattle, WA. The software automatically creates mapbooks in the GeoPDF format, providing easy access to interactive maps for field users, first responders and emergency management personnel across all levels of government. Mapbooks represent a cohesive collection of information that allows novice map users to locate and work with the data as opposed to focusing on the software. To find out more, check out the official TerraGo Technologies web site.

On the upgrade front, Premier Assistive has enhanced its Text-To-Audio program and added a PDF Import Wizard that works with PDF files, version 1.3 (compatible with Acrobat 4.x) and higher. The Wizard provides users the convenient option to choose whether to convert the entire book/document from PDF or select a range of pages to convert. With the option to select a range of pages, parts of the book such as the preface, table of contents, and index can be excluded from conversion. More information or a free trial of Text-To-Audio 9.0 can be found on the vendor web site.

In other update news, Enfocus has enhanced key products, including high-volume preflighting engine PitStop Server and prepress-ready creation tool, Instant PDF. PitStop Server 4.5 adds support for multiple processors and compatibility for Windows Vista, while security has been boosted with the option to lock the PitStop Server monitor for operators. New in Instant PDF 4.1 is Adobe CS3 compatibility, which makes the ‘Save as Certified PDF’ file menu option available for Adobe InDesign CS3 and Illustrator CS3. More about these recent releases can be found at

That’s it for this week. Watch this space!

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