This week in PDF: Slim those PDFs!

The Californian power grid sputters and groans under the increased load as the mercury soars, and efficiency is the flavor of the week. Luckily, this week in PDF sees the release of some tools to help with just that, as Apago upgrades it’s PDF compression software and UNIVERSE Software releases a new version of its PDF solution.

First up, an upgrade to Apago’s PDF-slimming software is hot off the digital production line. PDF Shrink 4.0 allows users to turn their digital PDF documents into sleek packages that can be more readily emailed or downloaded. Features new to version 4.0 include optional encryption, support for JPEG 2000 image compression and a ‘wizard’ interface that with which even novices can easily optimize PDFs for various uses.

‘While Mac OS X users can easily create PDF files from most applications, these automatically generated PDFs tend to be large and inefficient. When emailing a 7MB PDF is impractical, PDF Shrink is a quick and easy remedy that works directly from the OS X print center or a desktop droplet,’ comments Dwight Kelly, president of Apago. ‘The upgrade to 4.0 makes the application much easier to use, allowing both the novice and the techie to get the maximum benefit.’

PDF Shrink 4.0 is currently available. For more details, check out the Apago Web site.

In other news, the ambitiously-titled UNIVERSE Software has also released an update — in this case, to its PDF forms product, pdf-Office Professional. pdf-Office Professional 5.0 adds the ability to create new PDF forms on-the-fly to its existing functionality, which includes form creation, editing and fill-out.

‘We provide our customers a real alternative to Adobe with pdf-Office Professional — at a much lower price,’ says Thomas Baecker, sales and marketing manager of UNIVERSE Software GmbH. ‘We have especially those users in mind that only occasionally need to produce PDF forms on the fly with our intuitive, efficient solution.’

The product is currently available and the company Web site offers additional information on the release.

That’s it for this week! Until next time…

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