This week in PDF: Secure, interactive PDF reader launched

This week in PDF has seen updates to and the release of a secure PDF reader, along with several new PDF Portfolio layouts for Acrobat 9.

First up, Alfresco Software has announced that Adobe has implemented Alfresco’s document sharing and collaboration capabilities as part of the file sharing features in Alfresco said that its open source content management software is used as the file repository in, which allows users to simply share files and documents while maintaining control of those documents. Financial details were not available. To check out the site features, simply visit

In release news, Haihaisoft has launched a new Multimedia PDF Reader. Requiring either Acrobat or Adobe Reader, the tool is available as a free download, and allows users to view PDF documents protected by Haihaisoft Multimedia PDF Reader can natively display rich media content, including that in PDF Portfolios. The tool can also be used to view SWF and FLV files. More information can be found at the official vendor site.

Finally, Adobe Systems has now posted the a number of new PDF Portfolio layouts for download. According to a blog post by Acrobat Product Manager Amy Wang, Adobe launched eight new and updated layouts that allow Acrobat 9 Pro or Pro Extended users to tailor the look and feel of their PDF Portfolios. According to the blog post:

The new layouts were developed after conversations with Acrobat customers who expressed the additional value of further personalizing particular aspects of PDF Portfolios. Customers wanted the flexibility to optimize a PDF Portfolio depending on the specific file content and the purpose for creating it. This included customization of the description lengths and thumbnail sizes. They also mentioned that it was often very helpful to easily see when a particular file was last modified.

To find out more, read the original blog post.

That’s it for this week. Watch this space!

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