This week in PDF: Quiet innovation…

This week in PDF has seen some gems released in time for the Adobe Acrobat and PDF Conference in Orlando, FL. There’s been a major update to established Digital Rights Management (DRM) product, FileOpen Publisher, an update to a nifty PDF conversion utility and a brand-spanking-new PDF and PDF/A verification tool from Apago. This piece also includes the winners of Planet PDF’s recent AGI Adobe Acrobat Conference competition, so check in to see if you have won!

To open, FileOpen (boom-boom). OK, bad jokes aside, FileOpen has released a serious update to its well-known DRM solution. According to the FileOpen Web site, the new version has taken some of the advanced capabilities of the company’s premium WebPublisher product and incorporated them into this desktop application. The features of FileOpen Publisher 3 include the ability to assign different sets of permission levels without creating multiple versions of a document, restrict printing, embargo and expire access, prohibit or enable offline viewing or revoke or renew access even after delivery. For more, check out the FileOpen Web site.

On to PDF conversion now, and Japanese Recosoft has released a solid update to its PDF2Office range for converting PDF documents into various editable formats. Impressively, this app is cross-platform, so Mac users won’t be left out in the cold. PDF2Office Personal v3.0 updates the conversion functionality previously available in v2.0, and PDF2Office Standard v3.0 introduces the ability to open PDF documents directly in Word and PowerPoint, offering enhanced PDF integration with the Office product line. The applications are currently available, and more information on the product can be found on the Recosoft Web site.

As for news directly from the Orlando conference, Apago has released an innovative new tool designed to support both validation and automatic correction of documents in accordance with PDF/A, the new international standard for long-term archiving of digital documents. The full versions of PDF Appraiser for Mac and Windows will be released in late May, but a free version limited to PDF/A verification and simple reporting will also be available. See for more details.

Now for some news closer to home. Planet PDF is proud to announce the winners of its recent newsletter subscriber competition! See below to find out if you have won.


  • Conference pass: Vickie Kellogg, Orlando, FL.
  • Enterprise pack: Suzanne Ripple, Farrell, PA.
  • Power-user pack: Iris Ortiz Flores
  • Developer pack: Gerri Lawall, Cincinnati, OH.

That’s it for this week! Until next time…

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