This week in PDF: Print, check and secure

Since last time, established PDF prepress vendor Markzware has updated its flagship preflight tool, EldoS has released a .NET-based PDF document security package and AASoftech has launched a PDF creation utility for the conversion of wide HTML pages.

Markzware’s FlightCheck Professional 5.8 is hot off the digital production line, with the update affecting both Macintosh and Windows platforms. The new version boasts expanded checking facilities based on the Ghent PDF Workgroup’s (GWG) PDF/X-PLUS specifications relating to PDF files destined for commercial printing. Along with various upgrades to existing features, FlightCheck Professional 5.8 also adds embedded ICC profile detection for PhotoShop EPS and detection of Special Print Options for InDesign files to its bag of tricks.

EldoS’s has released PDFBlackbox 4.3 as part of its SecureBlackbox 4.3 package. The .NET components comprising the PDF-centric portion of the suite offer support for password-based and PKI-based security (encryption, signing, decryption, signature verification) and document compression. Updates in version 4.3 include support for time-stamping protocols, smartcard and system certificates.

Last but not least, AASoftech’s PrintWideHTML offers a specific solution to a common problem: namely, printing wide web pages. The name says it all, really. The product’s utility API can be called by applications trying to print unusually wide HTML pages. The product could potentially see great use in the faithful conversion of HTML tables into PDF.

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