This week in PDF: Prepress, design and automation software released

This week in PDF, newsworthy developments have focused on the design and print side of PDF, with training and software releases from callas software, TerraGo Technologies and Total Training, while the Ghent PDF Workgroup (GWG) held its quarterly summit in Amsterdam.

First up, callas software has been very busy, releasing Acrobat 8-compatible versions of its pdfToolbox2 plug-ins. Including pdfColorConvert, pdfCorrect and pdfLayerMaker, these allow users to perform color conversions, correct common sources of printing errors and create layers in Acrobat, respectively. Further, the plug-ins support the latest versions of Mac OS and Windows.

callas has also expanded its range by adding automation tool pdfAutomator. Designed for use with callas’s command line modules, pdfInspektor CLI, pdfColorConvert CLI and pdfCorrect CLI, it closes the gaps between callas’s Adobe Acrobat plug-ins and the CLI PDF workflow tools. pdfAutomator can also be used via a hotfolder interface, and can process files from different hotfolders simultaneously. For more information, check out the callas Web site.

Also released this week was MAP2PDF for GeoTIFF, a tool allowing the creation of rich GeoPDF files from GeoTIFF files. These files then boast enhanced mapping functionality that can be used freely with Adobe Reader and the GeoPDF toolbar. According to the press release, GeoTIFF is a standard image file format used to publish maps and imagery. GeoTIFF is based on the standard TIFF file format and allows for embedded georeferencing information. It is commonly used as an interchange format for aerial photography and scanned maps. MAP2PDF for GeoTIFF allows users to convert GeoTIFF files to the more functional and flexible GeoPDF format. More about TerraGo Technology’s products can be found at

On the training front, Total Training has released a new video tutorial series on Acrobat 8 Professional. Comprising 12 hours of HD footage, the tutorials are given by Acrobat evangelist Tim Plumer, Jr. and focus on making the most of Acrobat 8. The tutorials are available either as a standalone set or as part of Total Training’s Adobe Creative Suite 2.3 Premium Bundle. Details are available at the Total Training Web site.

Finally, standards body the Ghent PDF Workgroup (GWG) this week convened for its quarterly summit in Amsterdam. The summit provided a forum for the launch of an online discussion group, the latest round of GWG packaging specifications and featured planning and the setting of targets for 2007. Along with a record number of observers, this summit welcomed several new members and a new subcommittee. More on the GWG can be found at the official Web site.

That’s it for this week! Until next time…

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