This week in PDF: Please release me!

This week in PDF sees releases and updates galore, with SDKs, standalone applications and a developer library all represented. More information about each of these items below.

Standalone Applications

Apago, the producer of PDF Enhancer, has launched a new PDF product at Xplor Exposition 2006. PDF Constructor simplifies the creation of PDF documents using XML technologies, and was designed for the dynamic producion of personalized documents for Web or print, including letters, forms, statements, brochures, catalogs, business cards, and stationery. Apago demonstrated PDF Constructor earlier this week at the Xplor Exposition in Miami Beach Convention Center.

NGRAIN has announced that its Producer product will support the export to Adobe Acrobat 3D software. The 3D equipment software training tool will export animations for viewing in Adobe Acrobat 3D, Adobe Reader, Adobe’s Macromedia Flash and Microsoft Windows Media Player. NGRAIN Producer allows subject matter experts with no 3D experience or programming skills to quickly and easily develop 3D equipment simulations, which include animations, parts information, hyperlinks, and tasks.

Osaka, Japan-based Recosoft Corporation has just released an update to its data recovery software for Mac OS X. PDF2Office Professional v3.0 easily converts PDF files to Word, PowerPoint, RTF, AppleWorks and more. The new version boasts over 200 new and upgraded features, and allows users to convert PDF files to the Microsoft PowerPoint 98-2004 Macintosh and PowerPoint 97-2003 Windows formats. PDF2Office Professional v3.0 also introduces a Document Inspector, which provides detailed information about a PDF file and a PostScript font matching, substitution and scaling engine.

Chris Paveglio has released PDF Bee version 2. PDF Bee converts InDesign files via a watched or ‘hot’ folder interface. Features new to the updated version include: OS X 10.4 Tiger compatibility, support for InDesign CS, PostScript output, log file creation, output destination control and a ‘reverse naming’ option for a new Agfa workflow which requires the page number first.

SDKs and Developer Library

BCL Technologies has recently announced the launch of easyPDF SDK version 4.3, a PDF development tool that enables software programmers to quickly develop PDF desktop and server applications with as little as 3 lines of code. The product also comes with unlimited multi-threading, exception handling, and built in job-monitoring capabilities, allowing enterprise servers and applications to run smoothly with minimum human intervention

Vitrium Systems, a provider of Software as Service (SaS) Digital Rights Management (DRM) protection technology for documents, has announced the immediate availability of Vitrium’s Base Camp. The protectedpdf Base Camp is available at the Base Camp mini-site, and is the starting point for organizations to integrate secure protectedpdf document technology and services with business products and systems worldwide. This release means that developers now have access to a complete PDF rights management system through a 100% SaS Developer Kit.

BFO (Big Faceless Organization), a provider of Java reporting solutions, has kicked off the new year with improvements to its flagship product, the Big Faceless PDF Library. The new library increases XML Forms Architecture (XFA) support by adding the ability to extract the XFA forms data from a document. The update also renders PDFs containing bitmap images to sRGB and extracts text from PDFs containing bitmap images more quickly than its predecessors. A fully functional trial version of the Big Faceless PDF Library 2.6.6 can be downloaded from BFO’s website.

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