This week in PDF: PitStop Connect released

This week in PDF has seen the launch of a tool for simplifying PDF preflight and a website that both explains and promotes the benefits of searchable PDF documents.

First up, Enfocus has released PitStop Connect. The new utility enables printers and publishers to create Connectors (small desktop tools to drop a file on) that contain PDF specifications for preflight. These Connectors can also be branded for designer/creative professional customers. The Connector can be distributed as many times as needed and is free for creative professionals. In short, the new product simplifies the process of delivering compliant PDFs to printers or publishers. For more on PitStop Connect, check out the official Enfocus website.

In other news, Plustek Technology Inc., a manufacturer of imaging devices, has launched a new website devoted to promoting the use of searchable PDF (Portable Document Format) technology. Many PDF documents are created by scanning paper originals. Often, the resulting PDFs are image-only, meaning that they cannot be searched electronically. Such documents can be made searchable through a process called Optical Character Recognition (OCR), which visually matches the images of text to the corresponding characters and creates a ‘text layer’. When searching, the text layer is queried for matching text patterns. If the text is found, the image corresponding to the found text is displayed and the materials can be read in context. For more information, check out Plustek’s Searchable PDF website.

That’s it for this week. Watch this space!

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