This week in PDF: PDFs on the server or on-the-go

This week in PDF has seen the releases of a brand-new added-value PDF solution for Microsoft SharePoint and a major update to a PDF-compatible application for BlackBerry smartphones.

First up, Adlib Software has announced its new product, PDF for SharePoint. The solution works with the popular SharePoint collaborative environment from Microsoft, delivering a set of PDF services that extend the value of SharePoint content and improve the efficiency of business processes. PDF for SharePoint automates the conversion of electronic documents to PDF, offering the same capabilities available in Adlib’s flagship solution, Adlib Express. The benefits of that server-based document transformation solution include centralized management of document transformation standards in multi-departmental environments, transforming high volumes of documents, and automating document workflows through powerful background services. For more information, check out the official vendor website.

On the mobile front, DataViz, Inc., has updated its Documents To Go Premium Edition for BlackBerry smartphones. Version 2.0 includes a desktop application that supports bi-directional file synchronization, a robust update to PDF To Go, support for password-protected Microsoft Office 2007 files, and a new file browser for accessing and managing documents.

Offered as a free bonus for customers who purchase the Premium Edition, PDF To Go provides native PDF viewing functionality without requiring desktop or server conversion. Among other enhancements, the newest version allows users to find and copy text, save as, send file via email, and administer PDF bookmarks. For more on either product, visit the

That’s it for this week. Watch this space!

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