This week in PDF: PDF-to-mobile conversion service launched

This week in PDF has seen the release of a free PDF-to-mobile conversion service and the addition of native PDF creation functionality to a smartphone application, along with updates to a PDF developer toolkit and a Mac-based PDF editor.

First up, Solid Documents has released a free PDF-to-mobile conversion service. PDF to Mobile converts PDF documents into HTML that can be rendered easily on the small screens of handheld devices. The online service removes headers and footers from PDF files, reorders paragraphs and columns and reconstructs tables. It also retains font formatting and maps styles to reasonable XHTML and CSS equivalents. Users can directly convert their PDF documents using the PDF to Mobile website. Alternatively, users who are on the move can simply send attached PDFs to specified email addresses to have HTML versions sent back to them.

In other handheld news, Cortado will debut Corporate Server 4.0, which it calls, ‘the industry’s first smartphone application that creates PDFs,’ at the WES 2009 Conference in Orlando, Florida, May 5-7, 2009. The application’s functions include file management, mobile printing, instant database access, scanning, copying, and PDF creation. Aside from PDF creation, the product’s headline feature is its ability to turn a smartphone’s camera into a mobile scanner and copier. Delivering this functionality to BlackBerry smartphones is another world-first, according to the company. For more information about Corporate Server 4.0, visit the vendor’s official website.

On the Mac front, SintraWorks has announced an update to its PDF document editor for Mac OS X. PDFClerk Pro 3.7 allows users to print out manuals, reports, essays, articles, web pages or other document types. In addition to supporting languages like English, which read from left-to-right, the application allows the creation of books for languages that read from right-to-left, such as Arabic, Chinese and Hebrew. New to version 3.7 is the ability to reverse the annotation sequence on a page (useful with forms), while form field tab order can now be adjusted by dragging a field’s index number to another form field to swap sequence order. More on the product can be found at the SintraWorks site.

Last but not least, Foxit has announced an update to its PDF developer toolkit. Foxit PDF SDK (DLL) 2.0 adds an extra two modules to the package. ‘With the introduction of the Text Module and Edit Module, this new version cannot be called Foxit Reader SDK anymore which is too limited,’ said Eugene Y. Xiong, Chief Executive Officer of Foxit Software Company. ‘It will be changed to Foxit PDF SDK. By delivering these new modules, Foxit PDF SDK will be more powerful than ever.’ To find out more about the product, check out the official product page.

That’s it for this week. Watch this space!

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