This week in PDF: PDF security software and DRM service now free

This week in PDF has seen a PDF security product made available for free and an update to a Java-based PDF developer library.

First up, Drumlin Security has made its secure PDF reader/publisher software and associated Digital Rights Management (DRM) service available free-of-charge. The service includes the free Drumlin PDF reader/publisher, coupled with a free digital rights management (DRM) service. Together, the software and service can be used to allow secure distribution of PDF books, and other electronic content. For more information, check out the official vendor website.

In update news, Big Faceless Organization (BFO) has enhanced its PDF library by introducing consolidated logging. Version 2.11.6 of the Big Faceless PDF Library also includes a thread clean up. Previously log messages were written to System.err. If problems were encountered PDFs could throw a large number of messages, and although these could always be turned off, there was no way to manage the logging in more detail. In the new version, Log4J or java.util.logging will be used depending on which is configured, making the process of managing the logging much easier in the event of a problem. The upgrade also includes improvements to the PDF Viewer. Specifically, the new version makes the Viewer more reliable due to a thread cleanup. To find out more, visit

That’s it for this week. Watch this space!

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