This week in PDF: PDF scanning and conversion solutions updated

This week in PDF has seen the release of a plug-in for preparing PDF Portfolios for litigation support systems, along with updates to document conversion and scanning solutions.

First up, EverMap LLC has announced the release of its complete solution for preparing PDF portfolios for use in litigation support systems. A plug-in for the popular Adobe Acrobat software, AutoPortfolio provides the ability to extract, convert and manage PDF portfolios. Portfolios are widely used as a de facto standard for archiving email messages. The product aids legal firms in preparing portfolios for import into various popular litigation support systems or for use as regular plain PDF documents. For more information about AutoPortfolio, visit the official web page.

In update news, LuraTech has released an update to its document conversion solution. LuraDocument PDF Compressor 5.3 boasts new features such as free-form recognition and the ability to convert born digital documents to PDF/A for long-term archival. The addition of Free-Form recognition, which allows the software to identify, sort and extract information from a range of document types, supports streamlined conversion of complex, multi-page documents. the new version also adds a new Born Digital Module, which converts digital files such as Word documents into PDF/A format for long-term archiving. More on the product can be found at the LuraTech site.

Finally, also updated this week was ExactCODE’s Mac-based range of scanning software. ExactScan 2 Professional, released as a premium version of the company’s existing ExactScan 2 product, adds an OCR engine and barcode recognition to create searchable PDF documents on-the-fly. The Professional version also includes all of the Standard version’s functionality, allowing auto-cropping to paper dimensions, automatic correction of page skew, and the use of intelligent thresholding of black and white documents to decrease storage space. To find out more about the product, check out

That’s it for this week. Watch this space!

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