This week in PDF: PDF reader for iPhone and iPod Touch devices released

This week in PDF has seen the release of a PDF reader for iPhone and iPod Touch devices, and an update to a PDF branding and viral marketing application.

First up, mBrain Software has released a new version of its PDF viewing software for iPhone and the iPod Touch devices. With Pdf+, users can display specific pages, search, zoom and following bookmarks or links. The application also makes use of on-screen buttons that provide quick access to frequently-used functions. The new version of Pdf+ also takes advantage of some of the iPhone’s distinctive interface features, supporting gestures such as pinches, swipes and drags. Additionally, Pdf+ can remember the document or folder it was displaying when it was last closed. This allows the application to open the same folder or document at the same place and zoom level when it is next used. Pdf+ can also open password-protected and encrypted files. Pdf+ is currently available from the App Store and iTunes. Visit the Pdf+ website for more details on Pdf+ for the iPhone and iPod touch.

In other news, Dan Blackburn and Alex Jordache have officially announced the release of an update to free PDF branding and viral marketing software application. Broadly speaking, PDF Power Brand allows preset ‘tags’ in a PDF document to be edited. This enables merchants to provide affiliates with effective e-book marketing campaigns. The latest version of the software fixes several bugs in the software, some of which were responsible for the product’s generally poor performance on low-end Windows Vista systems. For more information, visit the official PDF Power Brand website.

That’s it for this week. Watch this space!

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