This week in PDF: PDF Enhancer 3.5 announced

This week in PDF has seen the release of a free, industry-specific PDF viewer for spatial analysis, a PDF security product and an update to a PDF production and automation tool.

First up, Global Map Systems Inc. has announced its free map viewing solution. GMS has partnered with Glyph & Cog to offer map users an industry-specific free PDF viewer for spatial analysis. The new release offers map-makers an ideal way to deliver location intelligence and true GIS analysis to field technicians, construction crews, military and Homeland Security personnel that need an easy way to work with native mapping data. For more information, check out the official vendor website.

On the security front, Foxit Software has announced Foxit PDF Security Suite software for Microsoft Active Directory Rights Management Services (AD RMS). The product is designed to enhance the security and functionality of PDF documents residing in Microsoft Windows Server Systems and Sharepoint Services. The software components included in Foxit PDF Security Suite provide a means for extending enterprise-ready AD RMS protection to the PDF file format. A beta release of Foxit PDF Security Suite is available to IT professionals interested in testing, and piloting solutions in their corporate or government environments. The software components required for protecting and viewing AD RMS protected PDF files may be downloaded from

Finally, Apago Inc. has announced an upgrade to its production tool for the creation, automation, and optimization of PDF documents. PDF Enhancer 3.5 will be faster and more robust than earlier versions, offering improved font handling and color management, in addition to supporting more device link profiles and color patterns. Scheduled for release this US summer, PDF Enhancer 3.5 will be free for existing users of 3.x. Following its release, the new version will be available for download from Apago’s online store.

That’s it for this week. Watch this space!

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