This week in PDF: PDF Association announced

This week in PDF has seen an standards-focused professional association expand to cover all PDF standards, while a prominent PDF company released a PDF reader for mobile devices and updated its PDF SDK.

Some exciting news for me has (because I’m a PDF geek) has been the announcement that the PDF/A Competence Center will expand to cover the other PDF-based standards. The PDF/A CC (I like acronyms too) was introduced in 2006 to promote awareness and appropriate, standards-compliant implementation of PDF/A, the PDF-based standard used for the long-term archiving of documents.

Essentially, this latest announcement states that the PDF/A CC’s organizers have introduced an overarching body, the PDF Association. The PDF/A CC will continue to exist beneath/within the PDF Association alongside sister CCs focused on other PDF standards, such as PDF/VT (ISO 16612) for variable data printing and PDF/UA (expected to become ISO 14289 in 2012) for accessibility. There will also be a Competence Center for PDF itself (ISO 32000).

Olaf Druemmer is the new association’s board chairman and Duff Johnson is its vice-chairman.

‘Since the PDF/A Competence Center began, interest in the family of PDF standards has continued to grow,’ said Druemmer. ‘The new name ‘PDF Association’ represents the new position of PDF as a completely open digital document format.’

For more information, check out the PDF Association’s brand-spanking-new website.

Also making news this week were a pair of releases by Foxit Corporation. The first was the launch of a PDF reader for Android mobile devices. The tech is aimed at Android original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and is designed to be pre-loaded onto their mobile devices. In addition to vanilla viewing functionality, the reader also allows users to add annotations and signatures, reflow text for easier reading on small screens, and manipulate bookmarks.

Foxit has also announced an update to its PDF software development toolkit. The headline feature in 3.1 is the new encryption technology. According to the company’s press release, the latest version of the SDK allows developers to extend custom encryption methods and build their own readers that support the decryption of files so protected.

For more information on Foxit, visit the developer’s official website.

That’s it for this time. Watch this space!

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