This week in PDF: Online security and publishing services updated

This week in PDF has seen the release of updates to a PDF software development kit (SDK) and an online digital rights management (DRM) solution, along with an upgrade to a web-based document collaboration service.

First up, Pegasus Imaging has announced the release of its updated SDK for delivering PDF functionality within applications. The PDF Xpress v2 Software Development Kit (SDK) is delivered as both a .NET component and an ActiveX COM control and offers expanded capabilities to access and modify content within PDF documents. To find out more about the new version, check out the official Pegasus Imaging web site.

Also updated this week was Haihaisoft’s online DRM service. The company announced that its DRM-X platform has added a new online DRM-X Packager allowing users to simply protect audio, video and PDF content. The online nature of the service means that clients do not need to download any software and ensures that they are always using the latest versions. According to Haibo Shi, Haihaisoft President and CEO, the updated solution is ‘faster and more secure’ than previous versions or traditional DRM. Check out the vendor web site for more details.

In the same online services vein, Drawloop Technologies has extended its LOOP to PDF solution, which allows users to publish and share LOOPed files on the Web. The extension, entitled ‘Publish’, offers seamless integration with Scribd’s iPaper. This in turn allows users to upload files of various types before using Publish to share the combined files online. More details can be found on the Drawloop web site.

That’s it for this week. Watch this space!

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