This week in PDF: New security service launched

This week in PDF has seen the release of a high-security publishing and distribution service, along with major updates to a digital rights management (DRM) solution and a web-based PDF data capture system.

First up, Haihaisoft today will bolster its DRM platform by adding support for the protection of PDF documents. DRM-X now supports extremely popular Windows Media, Real Media, Flash Video and PDF file formats. The free Haihaisoft PDF Reader has a relatively small (1.7 MB) installer, and is used to view PDF documents protected by the DRM-X platform. In addition to the reader, Haihaisoft has also released DRM-X PDF Packager, which is used to secure PDF documents. To find out more, check out the official Haihaisoft web site.

In other update news, Vitrium Systems has released a new version of its web-based docmetrics application. Users can now embed dynamic forms within enhanced PDF documents to collect real-time data on prospects who read marketing content. The new in-document forms technology supplements docmetrics’ existing document analytics functionality, which measures reader engagement with electronic content. In-document forms technology provides an alternative to web registration forms, commonly used by marketers to gather document reader data. Unlike web forms, in-document forms capture data on pass along readers who receive documents via online content sharing. More information can be found on the vendor web site.

Finally, UK-based security software specialist Drumlin Security has announced the commercial launch of its high-security PDF reader/publisher and associated digital rights management (DRM) service. The service includes the free Drumlin PDF reader/publisher and PDF writer, coupled with a commercial DRM service. With the appropriate settings, the service allows PDF documents to be secured for distribution from web sites, on CDs or via email. More about the service can be found at

That’s it for this week. Watch this space!

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