This week in PDF: New online service converts PDFs into web-based presentations

This week in PDF has seen the releases of a PDF-enabled electronic fax application and a service that converts PDF documents into web-based presentations, along with an update to a PDF creation tool.

First up, Premiere Global Services, Inc. has launched its PDF-enabled internet fax application. PGiSend Fax2Mail integrates PDF scanning technology licensed from Adobe Systems Incorporated. This allows the software to deliver an interactive PDF document that provides users with a secure and reliable file for editing, signing, searching, and archiving. To find out more about the product or the company, check out Premiere Global’s company website.

In other news, Journal Publications has released an online service that converts static PDF documents into web-based presentations. PageTurnPro is an automated, self-serve system that allows users to manage their own digital publications. Within a few minutes, a publisher can visit the site, upload a PDF, and translate it into an interactive digital document. A Flash-based interface means that most users will not even need to download additional software in order to use the service. Visit the official website for more details or to use the conversion service.

Last but not least, ePapyrus has announced the release of PDF-Pro 4 into the North American market. PDF-Pro 4 can generate PDF files from Windows-based applications. The product supports various languages including double byte languages like Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Cyrillic languages. The new version adds editing features, allowing users to add drawings to their PDF documents. PDF-Pro 4 can also be used to underline, highlight or change PDF text. For more information, visit

That’s it for this week. Watch this space!

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