This week in PDF: New legal software headlines a quiet week

Although it has been a relatively quiet one, this week in PDF sees the release of a new software package for the legal industry and a versatile PDF creation solution.

PDF Tools AG has released its new PDF creation utility. 3-Heights PDF Producer allows users to generate PDF documents on the client- or server-side and can be integrated into third-party applications. The product also boasts support for PDF/A and can be installed for use on a Windows Terminal Server. For more details, check out the PDF Tools AG Web site.

In what is potentially great news for smaller legal firms, MasterFile Software has announced the release of its new system that combines case analysis, fact management, litigation support and document management features to offer a viable alternative to higher-end solutions such as CaseMap, Summation, Concordance and Worldox. MasterFile R2 will also include a CaseMap Importer to allow for a smoother transition for migrating users.

‘MasterFile’s exclusive Argument Drafting System lets the litigator set out and substantiate argument directly in MasterFile, referencing evidence right down to the specific extract or fact relied upon on, point by point, using our doc-link technology,’ said Zainul Ebrahim, Vice President of Business Development at MasterFile. ‘It’s faster than working on paper or typing – because MasterFile’s unique evidence views automatically keep documents categorized for ready reference by date, author, issue, document type, etc. so you can pinpoint and link to any document, extract or fact in just two or three mouse clicks.’

The company Web site offers additional information on the release.

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