This week in PDF: .NET interface for the Adobe PDF Library released

This week in PDF has see the release of a new .NET interface for the Adobe PDF Library and an update to a piece of software that converts documents into audio files.

First up, Chicago-based Datalogics has announced the immediate availability of a .NET interface for the Adobe PDF Library. This interface will enable application developers to more effectively integrate Adobe’s powerful PDF Library API into their .NET environments, giving them access to a broad range of functionality, while taking advantage of the features available from the Microsoft .NET Framework.

‘We’ve seen strong interest in .NET with notable growth over the past year or so,’ remarked Kevin McNeill, VP Operations. ‘Prior to this release, .NET developers were left with a difficult choice: write their own custom wrapper around the Adobe PDF Library — a nontrivial task — or select a third-party PDF technology that happened to have some sort of .NET support. Providing this .NET interface as part of our distribution of the Adobe PDF Library allows software application vendors to focus on their core competencies while relying on proven, scalable, future-proof PDF technology from the source of PDF, Adobe.’

Check out the Datalogics web site for more detailed information.

In other news, ZappTek has updated its file-to-audio tool. iSpeak It 3.2 allows users to load PDF files and convert them into MP3 or AAC tracks in iTunes using the Mac’s in-built text-to-speech features. The new version includes several bugfixes and adds the ability to include play and stop buttons in the iSpeak It toolbar.

According to the press release:

iSpeak It also provides advanced text replacement capabilities. There are a number of phrases that Mac Voices will not convert properly. iSpeak It can define rules that identify problem words and an appropriate (phonetically correct) replacement for them. It will even automatically apply the rules before transferring a document to iTunes.

Word, Pages, RTF, AppleWorks, Text or HTML documents and RSS feeds can also be converted into speech audio files. iSpeak 3.3.1 is priced at $19.95 USD with free update for existing users of version 3.x. The iSpeak It trial allows for converting the first 1000 characters of any text. Users may purchase the bundle, which includes iPresent It and iPDA, for $44.95 USD; a $13 savings. More information on the update can be found on ZappTek’s official web site.

That’s it for this week. Watch this space!

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