This week in PDF: Need for speed

This week in PDF sees the announcement of an updated workflow Quark XT, a suite of Web site testing services, a bookmark creation tool and a PDF security solution.

First up, axaio Software has released the QuarkXPress 7 version of its MadeToPrint XTension (XT). The XT is Universal Binary-friendly, and is designed to enhance printing and file exportation from QuarkXPress 7. axaio has announced that it will release the software at the end of July, and the product will be available for both Mac OSX and Windows operating systems. More information can be found at the company Web site.

In other add-in news, Californian developer KAPSware has released a brand-new Acrobat plug-in for automating bookmark creation. BMK Auto Bookmarker’s includes a watched folder processing engine, advanced bookmark import, export, and publishing functions.

‘BMK is a true fire-and-forget system. Users or external programs can drop candidate PDF files in the watch folders and BMK does the rest. Users also like the fact that BMK auto-processes a wide variety of scanned or searchable PDF files. BMK can import Excel data, or use table of contents, font styles, or keywords to create bookmarks for PDF files,’ said Ummair Waheed, BMK Product Manager. ‘Users can leverage BMK’s Graphic User Interface, its multiple bookmark modes, and its watch folder processing engine to bookmark single or multiple PDF files.’

On the services front, SiteMorse has released an updated suite of services that include support for testing PDF files. According to the company’s release, SiteMorse can now check PDF documents for such errors as broken links or failing email addresses, while also testing for PDF accessibility features. For more on this, check out

If that weren’t enough for one week, Equisys has released the latest version of its network-capable PDF security software. Zetadocs PDF 3 can be used to merge documents into a single PDF file that can then be emailed to multiple recipients. The new version also includes an Outlook Add-in that allows users to create and send PDF documents directly from Outlook. Full release notes can be found on the Equisys Web site.

That’s it for this week! Until next time…

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