This week in PDF: Martin Bailey to head XPS standards committee

In a follow-up to last week’s announcement of a pending PDF-competing standard, this week in PDF sees the head of the committee responsible named, an update to a PDF workflow tool and the State of Illinois adopting a suite of PDF solutions.

First up, Global Graphics has announced that its chief technology officer, Martin Bailey, will head the ECMA International committee tasked with creating a formal standard for the XML Paper Specification (XPS). The print and document format was introduced by Microsoft with the latest version of Windows, Windows Vista. According to Bailey, ‘We’re taking a specification that’s very new but already has a large potential user base, and feeding that into an open standards process. That’s an unusual opportunity to gain the best of both worlds: the speed of development by a single vendor, combined with the mandate to address the broad base of user requirements that a standards body brings.’ More information can be found in the full press release.

While the widespread adoption of standards is one way to streamline document workflows, another is the use of automation tools. In this vein, UNIVERSE Software GmbH has announced pdf-DocPro v3.7.0. The product allows users to set document encryption level, define security settings and set document information such as title, author information and key words. The product also allows the configuration of printing and viewing options, password requirements, and includes a compression feature that can reduce PDF file sizes up to 90%. The last feature is new to the current version, but check out the official site for full release information.

Last but not least, Adobe Systems has announced that the State of Illinois has implemented Adobe LiveCycle. Through the Illinois Department of Central Management Services (CMS), the state licensed Adobe LiveCycle to help state and local governments automate completing and processing forms in an attempt to make form-filling more convenient for constituents. ‘After a thorough analysis by the Illinois Technology Board of Advisors, it was clear that Adobe LiveCycle software could greatly improve the way government does business,’ said Maureen O’Donnell, acting director of Central Management Services. ‘By enabling people and businesses to save, complete, and even sign government forms using free Adobe Reader software, agencies statewide can streamline processes, reduce errors, cut administrative costs and deliver faster, more efficient citizen services.’ For more on this, visit

That’s it for this week. Watch this space!

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