This week in PDF: Major update to pharmaceutical toolbox

This week in PDF has seen major updates to a toolset for managing regulated documents in the pharmaceutical industry and an advanced PDF library for PDF creation, content extraction, editing, viewing and printing.

First up, Image Solutions, Inc. (ISI) has announced the release of ISIToolBox version 6.0. The new version incorporates the sophisticated tools found in popular document publishing solution Compose. As Compose is being sunset, customers will be migrated to ISIToolBox Standard Edition. ISIToolBox 6.0 provides a set of 50 Adobe Acrobat PDF plug-ins designed to allow companies to work efficiently with PDF documents. The newest version of the product allows users to automatically bookmark documents, simply create thousands of hyperlinks or automate the creation of Tables of Contents based on bookmark information or PDF document structure. [Note: Image Solutions no longer sell ISIToolBox. Debenu offers a similar product Aerialist Pharma].

That’s it for this week. Watch this space!

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