This week in PDF: Look, link, create.

This week in PDF sees the release of a new PDF viewer program for smartphones, an update to absolutePDF’s PDF generation library and Greiner Consulting Services’ plug-in for linking external content resources.

First up, let’s go to the phones… Smartphones, that is. mBrain Software has released a PDF viewer program designed especially for Series 60 Smartphones such as the Nokia 6680 and Nokia N70. Pdf+ (for Series 60 Smartphones) boasts various improvements when compared to previous versions, including support for Type 0 fonts, Chinese documents and owner-passwords, 128 bits encryption and compatibility with S60 2nd FP2 and FP3 devices such as the Nokia 6680 and the Nokia N70. For more details, check out mBrain Software’s Web site.

Earlier today, absolutePDF released an update to its PDF generation library. An ActiveX COM DLL, absolutePDF-Creator Easy 1.3.5 adds the ability to import existing PDF pages for use as backgrounds and ships with plenty of VB and C++ code samples. Full information about the new release and a free 60-day trial version of the library are available from the absolutePDF Web site.

On the plug-in front, Greiner Consulting Services has released a brand-spanking-new Acrobat plug-in for associating other content files for download to PDF documents via link actions. It is integrated with Acrobat, and allows users to create such links using Acrobat’s Link Tool. The product’s user component is Reader-enabled, which allows the CopyFILE link action to be recognized and displays a dialog box offering the user the ability to select one files to be copied or downloaded. More information is available at

That’s it for this week! Until next time…

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