This week in PDF: Lights, camera, redaction!

This week in PDF sees Planet PDF announce the winners of its book promotion and the release of a new piece of PDF redaction software. If that weren’t enough, this week has also seen some significant developments in the Microsoft-Adobe brouhaha as Adobe finally speaks out in a formal statement.

Corvallis, Oregon-based EverMap LLC has announced the release of its PDF redaction plug-in for Adobe Acrobat. AutoRedact software is designed to remove specified content elements, annotations and file attachments from PDF documents in order to make them safe for public distribution. The plug-in can automatically scan PDF documents and redact all occurrences of specific words and phrases also allowing for the redaction of text patterns such as social security numbers, phone, email and postal details. More information or a free trial version can be found at the company Web site.

Closer to home, Planet PDF has announced the first five winners of its Ted Padova and Donna Baker book promotion. Entries for the next round will open next week, so don’t worry too much if you haven’t won this time around! Stay tuned!

We at Planet PDF have devoted quite a lot of space to the developing situation with Adobe and Microsoft. BinaryThing/Planet PDF CEO Karl De Abrew has the latest, while my piece explains Adobe’s initial response. In his piece on ‘The Trouble with Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Office 2007‘, Richard Crocker has also covered the issue from the functional angle, answering the question: ‘How will all this affect PDF creation from MS Office?’

That’s it for this week! Until next time…

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