This week in PDF: Google’s digital library

Ah, September! In the last 7 days, Spring has sprung in the South while Fall fell in the North. This week in PDF also sees the release of a new eBook repository, a toolkit that directly creates 3D PDF content and a form-saving solution.

First up, Google has begun offering non-copyrighted books for download in PDF format. The idea is that they are free to access, and Google has made assurances for the benefit of publishers and authors that it will not be posting any copyrighted material. That said, excerpts and bibliographic information will be available for digitized material via the Google Book Search. The project has drawn its fair share of criticism from writers and publishers, who claim that the Mountain View-based Sultan of Search has no right to store their copyrighted works without proper authorization. More recently, Planet PDF’s Richard Crocker criticized the freely available PDF eBooks from a usability standpoint.

The next cab off the rank is a new toolkit for the direct creation of 3-dimensional PDF content from PDF3D. Developers can use PDF3D Library to add ‘Save As 3D PDF’ to their applications, extending the reach of technical data using free Adobe Reader. With the addition of the PDF3D SDK (Software Development Kit) Library, applications with 3D data can be extended to publish, share and distribute interactive models through email or the web. For more information, check out the PDF3D Web site.

Last but not least, UNIVERSE Software GmbH has announced a new version of its pdf-FormServer product. pdf-FormServer 4 allows users to save or print filled PDF forms complete with user-entered data for further processing. Full details and a trial version of the product can be found on the company Web site.

That’s it for this week! Until next time…

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