This week in PDF: Google Docs adds limited PDF support

This week in PDF has seen Google add PDF functionality to its online document service and a pair of Adobe-related announcements, including an update to its LiveCycle enterprise solution and the inclusion of licensed preflight technology in Acrobat 9 Professional.

First up, Google has added a commonly requested feature to Google Docs, its online word processing and document collaboration service: PDF functionality. While the initial offering is quite limited, it does allow users to ‘upload, preview and share PDFs in Google Docs.’ And, although it doesn’t (yet) allow users to edit their PDF documents, they can at least copy and paste text. For more information, check out the official Google Docs blog post.

Onto Adobe’s news now, and the San Jose-based giant has announced the expected July release of an update to its LiveCycle enterprise solution. Adobe LiveCycle Enterprise Suite (ES) Update 1 will be a significant update that will add components for rapid development of content-rich applications, automated conversion of two- and three-dimensional CAD design data to PDF and new Adobe Solution Accelerators to help customers expedite deployment of enterprise applications. The update will also include updated DRM compatibility, along with Adobe Flex 3 and Adobe AIR integration. To find out more, see the full press release.

Speaking of Adobe, callas software has announced that Acrobat 9 Professional will again integrate callas’s preflight technology. The partnership was initiated in 2002, and Acrobat 9 Pro will be the 4th major version of that product to include callas preflighting. The same technology is available via license to other vendors, and the resulting functionality forms the basis of the recently announced callas pdfToolbox 4.

The press release also notes another Adobe-callas collaboration to implement a cross-vendor specification, the Ghent PDF Workgroup’s
‘Universal Proof of Preflight.’ This will serve to improve communication between design and production elements by providing a full preflight audit trail. Check out the full press release for more.

That’s it for this week. Watch this space!

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