This week in PDF: From Georgia’s First City

This week, I am writing from my hotel room in beautiful Savannah. I’m in town to attend an event being held by Enfocus Software, which has re-affirmed its commitment to PDF with PitStop Professional 7 and PitStop Automate both to be shown around at IPEX 2006 in Birmingham in early April.

‘So what’s this event in Savannah?’ I hear you cry. Well, this is my first time attending, but I understand that we invitees will be hearing about Enfocus’s plans, putting in our collective 2-cents-worth and (hopefully) having a little down-time to stretch our legs wandering around Georgia’s First City. Or, to quote the invitation, ‘Listen to our plans, tell us what you think, and relax.’ Nice. Anyway, most of the content will be hush-hush for now, but be sure to stay tuned, as related newsbits are sure to pop up soon.

So what else is going on in the world of PDF? Glad you asked. This week in PDF, Universe Software aims to provide a cure to the headache of backward compatibility and PTS gets a facelift that is more than skin-deep.

Meanwhile, Neuss Software GmbH announced a tool that might be just the tonic for users who often run into trouble opening PDF files that require the latest versions of Adobe Reader or Acrobat. pdf-DocPro also offers compression and security features that may prove useful for sharing files safely via email. More information available at

Last but not least, Prepress Training Solutions has launched its new web site. In addition to a revamped look-and-feel, it’s also been given a boost under the hood. The updated site features an improved layout and faster Navigation, provides free samples and allows online purchase of courses, while providing free access to tips & tricks and resources including the ROI Calculator & Decision Makers’ Checklist. More information can be found on

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