This week in PDF: Free eSeminar on building cost-effective GIS workflows with Acrobat

This week in PDF has seen updates to a PDF creation and editing application, a PDF/A validation and correction tool, and a developer library for converting PDF content into MS Office formats. The last seven days have also seen the announcement of a seminar on combining Acrobat 9 with professional desktop GIS software and a PDF-based email archiving tool for Lotus Notes.

First up, soft Xpansion has released a combined 32 and 64 bit version of its PDF creation and editing product. Perfect PDF 5 Premium includes PDF forms functionality and may now be used both on 32- and 64-bit systems. The new version also includes an updated (‘ribbon’) GUI, optimized text selection, and improved import of metadata from MS Office documents. For more information, check out the official vendor website.

Also updated recently was callas software’s pdfaPilot, a PDF/A validation and correction tool. The launch of version 2 of the Acrobat plug-in brings with it the release of a standalone edition of the software. Both variants include editors for creating user-defined XMP (Extensible Metadata Platform) metadata schemas. This means that users can now define extension schema for user-specific metadata fields. This in turn simplifies the potentially-laborious process of company-wide, long-term archiving. To find out more, visit

Rounding out the week’s updates is the release of Solid Framework SDK v6. The toolkit allows developers to build PDF-basd functionality into their own applications, and supports PDF-to-Office conversion, PDF/A (ISO 19005-1) validation and conversion, and PDF editing. The library also includes support for 64-bit Windows systems and allows users to add security to PDF documents. The release of version 6 coincides with a new pricing structure that covers internal use within the enterprise as well as a royalty-free license for redistribution in 3rd party applications. Visit the official Solid Framework website for the details.

In other news, will host a free eSeminar on building cost-effective GIS-based workflows. Tomas Lopes, a geospatial database specialist at Farallon Geographics, will demonstrate how GIS professionals can facilitate data maintenance workflows for individuals in the field by using Acrobat 9 Pro Extended with professional desktop GIS software.

According to the eSeminar’s webpage:

Geospatial and mapping data is critical to decision making, asset management, and resource allocation at all levels of business and government. However traditional GIS tools are too expensive, too technical and too time-consuming for use by field staff and non-GIS users. Acrobat 9 provides a platform- and application-independent solution to this problem. With simple to use tools for creating geospatial PDF documents from professional GIS software, and extremely simple and intuitive workflows using Acrobat 9 for analysis and markup in the field, it is now possible to reliably communicate geospatial information and mapping capabilities to anyone, regardless of their GIS expertise.

The eSeminar will be held on Wednesday, July 22, from 10-11am (US Pacific time). You can read more about the eSeminar, at the event’s official webpage.

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