This week in PDF: Franciscan slip highlights need to beef up” security”

This week in PDF sees another PDF censorship gaffe, while PDF support is added to a password-recovery tool. Also this week, Planet PDF is proud to announce the latest crop of winners in its book promotion.

Although we’re no longer in the salad days of PDF censorship, we still occasionally see high-profile cases of PDF files revealing more than was intended by the document distributor. Often, such cases involve ineffective attempts to permanently remove (redact) sensitive information. First reported by The New York Sun, the latest case involves an improperly redacted government brief filed with a San Francisco federal court in relation to a grand jury investigation into steroid use in baseball. For more detailed coverage, check out Gregg Keizer’s piece for TechWeb or the original New York Sun article.

On to the week’s software releases, and Elcomsoft has added PDF support to its Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery product. The once controversial Russian company’s product uses the innovative approach of combining the computing power of multiple machines to hasten the password recovery process, allowing for relatively speedy retrieval. Full release notes can be found at the Elcomsoft company Web site.

Closer to home, Planet PDF is proud to announce the second batch of winners in its Ted Padova and Donna Baker book promotion. Entries for the next round will open next week, so don’t worry too much if you haven’t won this time around! Stay tuned!

Still on the competition theme, time is running out in Planet PDF’s Investintech competition, which will close on June 30. To enter, simply visit the competition page and fill-out the form. The lucky winner will net themselves a license for Absolute PDF Server, valued at $7,495 USD, so be sure to get in before the deadline!

That’s it for this week! Until next time…

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