This week in PDF: Esko-Graphics and Artwork Systems to merge

While the threat posed by PDF-based spam waxed and waned, this week in PDF has seen the announcement of a PDF map repository, a Flash-based PDF tool and the official approval of a major merger.

First up, Map Resources has made its most popular maps available in the PDF format. These new maps are high quality PDF vector format, with features saved in layers. Users can easily zoom in to any portion of the PDF maps without any degradation in the quality of the text or lines — regardless of the magnification factor. Using Reader, users can quickly & easily turn on/off layers to show or hide map features. They can zoom in to any portion of the map, with no loss of text or line resolution. More information and a sample map can be found on the official vendor website.

Moving on to Acrobat plug-ins now, and Tech You Digital Media has announced the release of a new software product that gives PC users of Adobe Acrobat the full capabilities of Flash, providing the embedded Flash Movies the full power of PDF documents. Arbitrator Pro allows end-users to control PDF documents through coding in a Flash Movie, or control the Flash Movie from the PDF.

‘By bringing together the world of PDF and Flash through Arbitrated scripting the real promise of electronic publishing finally emerges,’ says Arbitrator Pro developer and architect, Craig Bowman. ‘With Arbitrator Pro you can make ‘Living Manuals and Curriculum’ as well as web pages which can search each other, update their pages from a remote database, access live streaming information which is connected to the page content and have it also control where and what you see in the document.’

Check out the Tech You Digital Media website for more detailed information.

Last, but by no means least, Esko-Graphics and the three principal shareholders of Artwork Systems inked a merger on August 2, agreeing to combine the two companies’ operations. The resulting new entity, with estimated 2007 revenues in excess of EUR 180 million and a combined workforce of close to 1,000 professionals, consolidates the market leadership of both companies in packaging and printing pre-production products and services in Europe, the Americas and Asia Pacific. For more, read the full press release.

That’s it for this week. Watch this space!

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