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This week in PDF has seen a trio of awards split between Right Hemisphere and Enfocus, ARTS PDF getting some ink from Inc. and the announcement of an update to Zevrix Solutions’ InDesign output application. Want to know more? Read on, dear visitor…

We’ll kick off with the fanfare for Right Hemisphere and Enfocus as they each added to their respective trophy cabinets in the last seven days. Right Hemisphere has snagged both a 2006 Microsoft Global Export Potential Award (MGEPA) and a Consensus Software Award (CSA), with both being awarded on the basic criteria of software innovation, performance, and potential. Enfocus, on the other hand, had the new major update to its flagship preflighting tool, Enfocus PitStop Professional 7, named Best of Show at On Demand mere days after its market release. Kudos to all concerned!

Speaking of kudos, ARTS PDF has recently rated a feature article in Inc. Magazine. In broad strokes, it details the company’s evolution from a well-known Acrobat plug-in developer to the point where its principals elected to take on the red, white and black juggernaut that is Adobe and Acrobat with it’s own PDF viewing and editing application, the controversial Nitro PDF. For more, check out the full article.

Now for a different kind of conversion, with the release of BatchOutput 1.1 this week making the batch printing and PDF conversion of InDesign documents that much easier. The product allows the export multipage InDesign documents as single page PDF files with variable file names. Each page of the original InDesign document can be exported as a PDF file using InDesign export presets, and variables such as page number, date and serial number can be used to dynamically generate the PDF file name. BatchOutput 1.1 is currently available, and more information on the product can be found on the Zevrix Web site.

That’s it for this week! Until next time…

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