This week in PDF: DRM security vendor cuts prices in bid to pursue content owners

This week in PDF has seen an OEM deal signed, a free online tool for converting web sites into PDF documents released and the price of a digital rights management (DRM) solution cut.

First up, Snowtide Informatics Systems, Inc., has announced that GWAVA has licensed Snowtide’s PDFTextStream library for inclusion in its Retain email archiving product. PDFTextStream will enable GWAVA to expand Retain’s email archiving, search, and auditing functionality to include PDF document attachments. As one of the most common types of email attachments, PDF documents often contain information critical to email management and auditing functions. The inclusion of PDFTextStream allows the content held in those PDF attachments to be folded into Retain archives, thereby expanding the scope of GWAVA’s solution. To find out more, check out the official Snowtide web site.

In other PDF news, the last seven days have also seen the release of an online conversion service. html2pdf can be used to convert web pages into PDF documents. Users simply need to enter the URL/URI of the web page for conversion into the appropriate field on the html2pdf conversion page and hit the ‘Convert to PDF’ button. For the more HTML-savvy, it’s also possible to directly input the HTML code for conversion on this page. In either case, the service converts user-entered HTML/web content into a PDF file which is made available for free download.

Last but not least, Haihaisoft has cut the price of DRM-X in a bid to encourage more content owners to adopt the DRM solution. The company’s DRM-X Personal and Premier Account, with features targeted at small business users, supports all major digital media formats including PDF.

‘Haihaisoft DRM-X platform has been in planning and development for the past 4 years. It is the best DRM product in industry. Content owners can protect their content in an easier and more secure way. We are very excited to see it helps our customers solved the headache piracy problem and win in business. We are constantly and continually updating DRM-X to meet the new challenges,’ said Haibo Shi, Haihaisoft President and CEO.

For more information, heck out the official vendor web site.

That’s it for this week. Watch this space!

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