This week in PDF: Document security for the masses?

This week in PDF has seen a pair of releases designed to bring PDF security to the masses; the first is a DRM solution for Android devices, while the second is a free PDF signing tool.

First up, Haihaisoft has announced that the latest version of its DRM solution will support Android devices, including smartphones and tablets. According to the press release, all authorized readers need to do is download and install a copy of the Haihaisoft Reader for Android — a free download of about a megabyte. Those looking to supply protected content, however, will need to pay a monthly fee of $800 US for an Enterprise DRM-X3.0 account. Enterprise accounts also support iOS machines (iPods, iPhones, iPads), so content providers will gain the ability to provide protected content to a large range of mobile devices. For more on DRM-X3.0 and Android support, check out the official DRM-X website.

The other release that appears to be seeking to spread security in PDF this week is GlobalSign’s free tool for signing PDFs. Used appropriately, digital signatures allow users to verify the authenticity and integrity of documents, streamline authentication processes, and of course, green the office by reducing the need for printing. Lest this release be mistaken for a completely free solution, we should turn our attention to GlobalSign’s VP of Product Marketing, Lila Kee. According to Kee, the web-based tool has been released so that, ‘those wishing to explore digital signature technology … [can] do so.’ As Kee’s comment indicates, this is not truly a free solution, but a chance to test-drive the technology. Extended use of the free signing tool requires a commercial digital certificate, although prospective users can download a free trial certificate from GlobalSign. For more information or to explore the technology, visit the official product page.

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