This week in PDF: Change is as good as a holiday

As a couch-jumping dynamo bids a not-so-fond adieu to his home studio of 14 years in Hollywood, the PDF world keeps moving apace. This week in PDF sees the release of a freeware PDF viewer, a new piece of PDF creation and conversion software and the launch of a new online mail merge to PDF service.

The freeware mentioned above is Wrocklage Intermedia’s Aloaha Secure PDF Viewer, which is designed to prevent users from saving or capturing displayed PDF documents to their local disk — something that is not possible with conventional PDF viewing software. It accomplishes this by loading PDF documents from a memory address or an http location without caching them locally. The application is based on the Aloaha PDF Viewer ActiveX component and is included as source code in Aloaha’s PDF Form Saver and PDF Signator packages to allow for customization. For more information, check out the Aloaha Web site.

On the PDF creation and conversion front, ABBYY USA has released a tool for just that. ABBYY PDF Transformer 2.0 Pro performs round-trip conversions between PDF and MS Office formats. According to ABBYY, PDF Transformer is also the only utility in its class that translates static, image-only PDF files into searchable PDFs in one step. For full details, visit the product Web site.

Still on the conversion theme, Brook House Limited has launched an online mail merge service for creating mailing labels in Adobe PDF format. Users of the site can upload data as Microsoft Excel or CSV files in order to create mailing labels and envelopes. If data is uploaded in a specified format field selection is not required to format labels and the service does not require the installation of additional software. Find out more at

That’s it for this week! Until next time…

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