This week in PDF: CanOpener sesame!

This week in PDF sees the release of an updated Acrobat plug-in to look ‘under the hood’ of PDF files, a heavy-duty application for bringing PDF into the third dimension, and Adobe adds a feature to its online PDF creation service.

First up, let’s Opener (sic) Can of worms… WindJack Solutions has released a major update to its PDF CanOpener plug-in for viewing the internal structure of PDF files. The update adds the ability to simply hover the cursor over images, text, form elements or XObjects and instantly display information on fonts, colors, image size and compression. PDF CanOpener can then write that information into a PDF annotation, allowing it to be shared with others for review or quality control purposes. For more information on the update or to download a free trial version, check out the WinJack Solutions Web site.

Switching from looking to making, Right Hemisphere has now updated its Deep Server enterprise solution, which will automate the authoring and publishing of 3D PDF documents. Deep Server integrates product development and communications applications, automates part to publication processes for 2D and 3D product graphics and manages product graphics throughout the extended enterprise. Features new to version 4.0 include the generation of derivative graphics, reduction of file sizes and improved photo-realism. Full release notes can be found on the Right Hemisphere Web site.

Still on the creation theme, Adobe has expanded its PDF creation service to provide paid subscribers with the ability to protect their PDF documents. The new service — known as Protect an Adobe PDF is currently in beta, and is being offered free to paid subscribers of the established Create PDF Online service. More information can be accessed from Lori DeFurio’s original blog post.

That’s it for this week! Until next time…

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